Workplace Health and Safety Guidance/Support

Workplace Health and Safety issues quite often arise only as negative events simply because a company was not prepared.  Business owners only have to look at their insurance premiums to know how important Workplace Health and Safety is within any organization, getting things wrong can bring a business to is knees.  It does not have to be so, effective policies and understanding  the local and national Occupational Health and Safety frameworks are invaluable.

Let us guide you through this area and equip you with the tools to at least firewall you against unnecessary risks.  Remember the new national guidelines/legislation is the responsibility of all stakeholders and the repercussions of violating the regulations are extremely serious.

For example, under the National 2012 Work Health and Safety Act a proven act of ‘reckless conduct’ could land a corporation a $3 million fine and send an individual to jail for five years.

Remember ignorance of the Act is no longer admissible as a defense.