Human Resources/Personnel Management

Recruitment for most organizations is a challenging exercise.  Challenging because human capital is one of the most costly aspects to a business and getting the process right is crucial.  Sunline (ACT)  supports clients across a wide range of activity related to the recruiting task including:

Identify recruitment needs

Is recruiting actually required or can restructuring take place negating the need to employ.  Often by stepping back and looking at the business from an external perspective can lend itself to exploring options.

Job descriptions are a must! 

You’d be surprised how many clients have said to us “we employ x number of employees and we are not sure what they all do!

  • Properly constructed job descriptions achieve a number of key objectives:-
  • Identify recruitment needs
  • Tie roles into business plan objectives
  • Provide key measures for performance reviews
  • Ensure all employees know what’s expected of them formally.

Recruitment advertising

Advertising can be a daunting prospect as often it is required to be done quickly as a consequence of a various circumstances.  We are able to guide you through the preparation process using standard templates covering all manner of positions.  Once prepared we will then suggest the best method of taking the process forward for example, on-line advertising or perhaps using Government assistance in sourcing suitable applicants.

We frequently advertise for clients and do the initial screening of candidates to take the pressure of the recruiting manager.

Selection and applicant screening:

This is a crucial stage in the employment process.  Based on our experience having assisted in the earlier steps of the recruitment process along with having gathered a solid understanding of our clients business allows us to offer an external perspective regarding candidates.

If for no other reason assistance at this stage can aid short listing especially when there are multiple quality candidates or in some cases numerous positions to fill.  We offer our clients access to “generic” application forms which greatly improve this stage.

Additionally we offer our clients a list of 20 standard questions to cover during the interview process if for no other reason to act as prompt points to cover information extrapolated from candidates.

Reference checking

We often ask our clients have you ever read a bad reference?  The answer is always the same!  Having selected a suitable candidate(s) its time to delve deeper.

There is a well held belief quite rightly that the best predictor of future behavior is to examine the outcomes of past performance.  This is where a serious attempt at drawing honest and tangible feedback through effective reference checking comes into its own. Sunline (ACT) can either assist by undertaking checks for you or give you the tools to obtain the best feedback possible.  Specific items are critical here including a previous employers intention to ever re-employ an individual given particular circumstances through to illness/absenteeism/injury issues.