Essential questions

Can your organisation honestly answer the following questions

Question 1:
Do we have effective procedures in place regarding the management of our people,employment contracts,performance management tools, ongoing operation and compliance with basic legal obligations?

Question 2:
Does our organisation have in place clear policies regarding our expectations of all stakeholders in our business including staff, suppliers, customers, contractors etc?

Question 3:
Are there adequate resource materials in our business to assist us in the process of recruitment and employee management?

Question 4:
Is the leadership team within our business sufficiently up to speed with Workplace Health and Safety requirements such that in the event of any issues we are safeguarded,along with our employees as best as practically  possible?

Question 5:
Are we clear on our obligations in relation to Industrial and Workplace Relations are we therefore aware of the National Employment Standards (NES) and all our obligations under Fair Work and State/Territory regulations?

Question 6:
Could we handle any issues that arise within the Industrial and Workplace arena that may result in other organisations such as Government Authorities coming into our business?

Question 7:
Are our planning processes up to speed, for example do we have current Business Plans? Do we know where we as a business plan to be next year and accordingly how to get there? Can we measure the results of the outcomes of our plans?

Question 8:
Are all our employees adequately trained to undertake their roles in an efficient, safe and satisfying environment? Do we meet the the regulated requirements of the jurisdiction we operate in? If not how do we address this?

Question 9:
Are we in honestly in control of of our HR/Personnel issues , are they affecting our business?

These are all reasonable questions all of which if answered in the negative either individually or as a whole could have serious consequences for your business legally or otherwise.

It is easy during the busy work year to overlook issues that are seemingly too hard or time consuming to address.Perhaps just not having the resources to devote to these areas full or even part time is enough to ‘park’ them to one side. These types of matters can often ‘simmer’ and create an insidious undercurrent through the organisation often distracting from the main aims of the company.

Engaging SUNLINE to assist in at least helping establish where your company is placed across all these areas can be highly rewarding not only to the business leaders but to all the team.

The extent of our support to your business can extend from a simple review of a few hours through to an ongoing period of ‘as needs analysis’ of your requirements. Our belief is the importance we place on providing our clients with realistic proven, practical solutions that are underpinned by all involved ‘owning’ responsibility for the success of the business’s we assist.