Tune up/Step up/Profit up…, assisting  your enterprise  is our expertise.

Our organisation works in assisting small and medium enterprise throughout the Region, including the Central West in guiding clients through the challenges of current business challenges.

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SUNLINE ACT subscribes to Fair Work Australia to ensure we are up to date with all amendments to Workplace ACT’s, Legislation, Commission outcomes etc that may affect your business.

We are always available to assist  our business partners as required with this important activity.

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Assistance for Business… Planning/Policy/HR/IR/WHS

SUNLINE ACT is pleased to announce we are in the planning process of producing a regular Newsletter to clients alerting them to changes and trends that may affect their business.

Apart from our regular WEB items of interest our newsletter will be more specific about issues that are current and are noteworthy.

Your business is welcome to subscribe by logging on through our enquiry page. Please contact us through the web or feel free to call us directly (02 62557050) for any further detail.

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Work Health and Safety (WHS) Guidance

Is your organisation working within the current Federal/Territory/State  framework?

Do you you understand the guidelines or need assistance?

WHS is not so difficult to manage with some guidance.

The assistance,information, Policy and Procedure detail SUNLINE provides your business belongs to you.

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Despite recent media announcing the demise of Performance Review’s we would encourage all Business to either continue the practice or introduce it to your Company.

As  an employer solid and simple Policies and Procedures will secure the position of the business owners.

In undertaking Performance Reviews you protect your business and your employees!

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