Election 2016- Things Change

The Federal election has been and gone. Business continues on all fronts, your HR/IR/Planning and day to day issues still confront. Real solutions and outcomes that assist are available…UP2U

ACT/ NSW Based business just drop a line or call, staffing/personnel issues are so important and difficult.


Sunline ACT works with a broad range of clients to achieve a wide range of outcomes, sometimes difficult.

We identify the staffing and process needs then proceed to to outcome strategies. Our clients will testify that the results are tangible/ measured in the bottom line financial outcomes.

Contact SUNLINE via our enquiry page   office@sunlineact.com.au


Does your business need assistance with recruitment without  all the hassle and huge costs? Look outside the traditional methods and pathways, let us help. It is easier than you think as an employer.

Contact us for advice and guidance for the whole procedure, call us or enquire via our web link.

Our Business has been established since 2007 and achieves results that endure.

BUSINESS SUPPORT New Finacial Year 2016/17 Canberra/Regional NSW

Take a fresh look at  FY 2016/17 and your business health?

* HR- Your teams and structure

* Policies and Procedures

* Business Plans and Priorities

* Debtors and Accounts Management Support

Access/guidance with real solutions is easier, more cost beneficial and available than you might think.

Contact Sunline for real solutions…. we are more than happy to assist  UP2U, call us or log an enquiry via this site.


Ever read a bad reference? Simple answer….NO!…performing background checks on candidates is absolutely essential.

Having the time or ability to undertake this essential task is crucial. We urge our clients who use our Reference Checking  service to advise other business’s to take advantage of the SUNLINE ACT facility.

We offer a detailed report on our clients candidates to gain the assessment  of the candidate(s) with a summarized review.

Contact us via our web contact or call  02 62557050 for any employment advice..UP2U