Reference Checking Potential Employees CRITICAL

Recently we assisted a new client who had been let down by a ‘just employed’ team member  who had clearly misrepresented themselves during the recruitment process.

Whilst our client had checked references a clear issue emerged that must face all prospective  employers these days.

What was it?

Simple, each of the referees was contactable only by mobile.

What guarantee does that then  give that the referees are who the candidates state?  (unless of course it is specified that the referee is strictly personal).

The solution? …Simple! … drill deeper than the information contained within the resume. You could be surprised!

Even Corporate’s with a  security focus on such issues get duped. Call on Sunline for assistance to firewall your business from the ‘rabbit warren’ of dodgy candidates out there.

To learn more drop us an enquiry message or give us a call we would gladly assist.

Business Support Central West/Illawarra/South Coast/Monaro/Snowy NSW

Sunline ACT P/L continues to add to its client base outside the ACT with the partnering of a number of new clients in the region. Linus and Sue Cole Directors of Sunline spent 8 years in Orange so the whole Central West is old ground.
We can assist with;

*Business Coaching/Development/Guidance
*Human Resources/Industrial Relations/Personnel Management
*Occupational/Work Health and Safety Issues and assistance
*Navigating Government

Assistance and guidance is a call away.

Contact Sunline for real cost effective solutions, from proffessionals who understand….its UP2U

Employers Dilemma Salary increases v trade offs

This is some guidance about working  with  employers who are contemplating …” it’s  salary review time”….  Then proceeding  with the decision  (sometimes, emotion of update/rewarding  for the wrong reasons achieves the opposite).


There is an existing industrial relations framework that underpins all basic conditions  employers/employees must subscribe to. We can assist our clients in navigating that  framework.

All your team members should be recocgnised for individual contributions, its how you do it that counts!

Contact us for guidance, we will gladly assist.

Employment/Recruitment Assistance

We support our clients constantly in assisting them with recruitment challenges, it is simply an enduring issue.

So not sure or confident  how to go about sourcing and employing  the best new staff?

It can be difficult and time consuming, never mind the associated costs.

Sunline can help by guiding you through the options.

We offer our business clients  a range of solutions to help them source the best candidates in a timely fashion.

Workplace Policies/Procedures

Does your business have employment policies/procedures that are legal and enforceable?

Are the policies/procedures you have in place current in line with current Federal Workplace Guidelines?

Not sure,worse still none!

We can help, contact SUNLINE we can assist.

Ensure all stakeholders with an attachment to your business know where they stand. UP2U