About Sunline

*Small/Medium Size Business Assistance/Guidance
*HR/IR-Managing people
*”Help my Business”-See ‘News Articles’
*ACT/Regional NSW
*Business Plannning
*Creditors/Debtors Assistance
*General Support including  your  relationship with ‘Corporates’

Sunline ACT established in 2007 has a primary aim to;
Provide small and medium enterprise mentoring, assistance and guidance navigating a wide range of professional challenges and delivering real solutions.
We cover a regional expanse extending from ACT/Canberra, Central West/Riverina/Illawarra/South Coast/Monaro,Snowy’s NSW and Sydney/Interstate where required.

We support business’s with the practical and useful advice and guidance to consolidate and grow their organisations in an ever changing business environment.
Let us protect your investment.
SUNLINE  ACT  has previously  supported newly formed enterprise in getting established and navigating the maze of regulation and planning.
Assistance is provided to clients whose growth created a need to relocate, this can be a daunting prospect.

We achieve our aims by gaining important insight into our clients business through detailed discussion with all  stakeholders to understand and demonstrate a clear and realistic/honest view of a business. We believe this is paramount to assisting any organisation we work with.

To really change an organisation and improve it is our passion and we seek in our clients that commitment or at at least a drive to want for change, then it begins.

This allows us to embark on either a short term period of review and report back accordingly or as with many clients the establishment of an ongoing period of support.

We always respond to our clients issues in a timely manner and are always only a phone call or email enquiry away.

Some of our clients also choose to use Sunline for specific project work for a period due to the constraints of resourcing within their own organisations.

Consider your needs in regards assistance with;
* Getting going no matter your business size
* Personnel/Human Resources Management
* Recruitment Support in Canberra and local region, including advertising,interview      support,screening,appointments
* Annual Salary Survey information for many roles at all levels/type of organisations/industries
* Promotional/ Marketing/Media assistance
* Workplace/Industrial Relations
* Performance Management in all workplace scenarios including dismissal/performance issues
* Workplace Health and Safety with simple nonsense solutions
* Creditors/Debtors advice and guidance
* Business Plans made simple

The most rewarding part of our business is to observe genuine changes and improvement in our clients organisations ultimately benefiting their bottom line.

Our Team headed by Linus and Sue Cole, who both spent many years in Corporate life with large listed Australian/U.S /Asian  organisations are supported by other external experts who complement the team.
Our Association with other exemplary ACT based organisations also assists in the Client experience we offer.

Our focus is allowing our clients the ‘one on one’ assistance they more often need.

Our’s is no bold statement for the modern era, it is simply our participation in your success that drives the SUNLINE Team, our clients are our partners.
We share in their challenge and choices through real Solutions.
SUNLINE ACT is not restricted by  high cost overheads we offer our clients an affordable alternative.
We are focused on results for your enterprise, its about assisting your business… UP2U.