Keep your Business up to date on the ever changing aspects of Work Health and Safety along with critical Workplace Relations matters.

WHS and Workplace Relations issues are addressed and change rapidly at State/Territory and Federal levels, we assist in our clients understanding the potential impact.

This also includes policies and procedures that are under debate in the public forum. All these matters could impact on your business or workplace.

Engage SUNLINE ACT to guide you through the constant changes to these vital employment areas.

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Does your organisation have in place legal and understandable terms of trade? It is amazing how many haven’t and it hurts when customers don’t pay.
Simple to arrange and save a business from much distress.

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Strategy/Policy/Managing your Team and Customers…similar ideas…

Clients SUNLINE work with are introduced to  concepts that revolve around working with employees and clients.

Often the two are not that different, this method of involvement with all the teams (including your suppliers) really interests and engages.

We gladly share this Business Growth model with all our clients and business partners. We are all about delivering on the Business Partnership, that is where there is a genuine respect for each party to make a profit!

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SUNLINE ACT, in business since 2006, shares  its success stories, we will happily directly refer you to client endorsements.


Employers and employees have major responsibilities under the current framework, do you know your’s?

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EMPLOYERS-Take care to be Aware

Obligations on employers are changing constantly, are you across your responsibilities ?

Don’t brush off or ignore issues such as;

Performance Management

Leave entitlements  including, Carers, Annual,Long Service  and other categories.

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