ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY- An ongoing reality

All our business enterprises within our sector experience the peaks and troughs of the business cycle.

As a like-minded business owner we can assist you and guide you through many of the aspects and challenges.
Our proven record along with clients recommendations is pride and record enough for us.
We look forward to discussing your needs in the ACT and Regional NSW.

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Navigating Uncertain Times

Is your business in a position to cope with difficult circumstances, often out of your control?

* Unexpected Staff loss
* Economic difficulties
* Marketplace changes
* Competitor activity
* Change in company dynamics

These examples and many more should lead your organisation to seek some guidance as to how to best protect you from the fall out of difficult situations.
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One of the most sensitive areas of the employment scenario is the management of an employees performance. Get it wrong and matters can spiral out of control very easily. As an employer you could lose otherwise good performers by handling the process poorly or on the other hand while managing non performance end up in hot water.

SUNLINE ACT regularly advises client on the performance management issue and we have introduced effective and tested staff review systems into many business’s that firewall against the risks.

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Staff retention is a major issue for most organisations. Understanding the right level of remuneration and additional incentive points is a daunting task.
SUNLINE ACT collects salary data annually across a wide spectrum of employment categories and positions for use by our clients.
Additionally we advise on the wide variety of incentive options available to employers.

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Many organisations particularly in the small to medium size sector lack the succession planning path tools/goals.

Don’t under underestimate the importance of this issue.
Failure to even engage in the planning process is potentially harmful to the organisations future,no matter the size.
Confront the challenge, after all you Manage or run your own business!
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